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In myths, the handmade life is prized.

The handmade life rises from the belief that things can be better, that difficult circumstances can be overcome.

It demonstrates resourcefulness, innovation and the determination to find our own way in the world.

It marks a progression in pursuit of soul that brings joy.

And it is a literal step towards integration of our true nature in day-to-day life.

As you read this, you are witnessing a new emergence of my handmade life.

Navigating the Mysteries has emerged from a time of soul-searching and learning.

It’s a work in progress – new, not yet refined and the beginnings of the latest expression of my authentic self. It is a home, from where this self reaches out towards meeting the needs of our hurting world.

I believe the nature of my search is shared and timeless. Conditions vary, but experience teaches us how to navigate the constant change in which we find ourselves.

I would love to share my learning from the journey with you.

Will you come along for the ride?

Please enjoy exploring my website and contact me with your queries

I’m excited to see where the journey leads.

Will you join me?